Anytime Fitness – Dee Why

Anytime Fitness – Dee Why Premium inverter Daikin systems with exposed insulated sheet metal ductwork was installed into the 24 hour gym. The exposed ductwork was used to match the aesthetic of the gyms already exposed frames. This system is top of the range to cater for the gyms extensive needs in keeping their customers […]

Service Work – Bellevue Hill

Service Work – Bellevue Hill 5th May 2020 We’re back! Carrying out routine maintenance, asset inspection and testing at one of our earlier high end residential projects. We love the way this project came together with the style of these custom length slot diffusers, they fit in perfectly to the modern interior!

Anytime Fitness – Mona Vale

Anytime Fitness – Mona Vale 12th June 2020 Back at site today for a walk through with our client – Anytime Fitness. Our projects team are carrying out some further testing of our completed product in readiness for the re-opening of gyms post COVID. They are a very happy client! The finished look of the […]

Service Work – Double Bay

Service Work – Double Bay 14th September 2020 We’re onsite at a service call to a Daikin VRV system. Condensers are close to the salt water and have rusted through. Our customer is looking to replace. However, we do have a solution to get further life from these, until replacements can be ordered in. We […]

Mitsubishi Electric VRF Installation – Manly

Mitsubishi Electric VRF Installation – Manly 2 December 2019 At another high end residential project today! Linear bars grilles now installed and some the fine artwork standing by. We are getting ready to test the airflow pressure of the 3x 7.1kw Mitsubishi Electric VRF units hiding in the new curved bulkhead.

Crane Lift – Manly Project

Crane Lift – Manly Project 8th November 2019 One of our high end residential installs. One very large crane lifts in our new Mitsubishi Electric VRF condenser to its new home. A rooftop plant room with a very neat view of Manly beach. One lucky condenser unit!

Service Work – Condenser Replacement

Service Work – Condenser Replacement 11th August 2019 One of our clients who owns a commercial office property has had their condensers damaged from a previous hail storm. The damage was bad enough to cause gas leaks of the existing condenser coils on the rooftop. So they opted to replace each system. The only way […]

Anytime Fitness – Neutral Bay Project

Anytime Fitness – Neutral Bay Project 31st July 2017 This project required a crane lift to replace the PAC units on the gyms rooftop. We upgraded this anytime location to a new Temperzone system which will provide the best air quality possible.  Previous Next

Kimbriki Waste Management Admin Building

Kimbriki Waste Management Admin Building 9th February 2017 Installation works of Mitsubishi VRF System on upper ground floor of the Kimbriki Waste Management Admin Building.  Previous Next

MJ Bale – Sydney

MJ Bale – Sydney 1st July 2015 We are very happy with the outcome of our MJ Bale project. The team were able to install  a reliable chilled water air conditioning system using linear slot diffusers which suits the premium feel of this retail store.  Previous Next