Service Work – Bellevue Hill

Service Work – Bellevue Hill 5th May 2020 We’re back! Carrying out routine maintenance, asset inspection and testing at one of our earlier high end residential projects. We love the way this project came together with the style of these custom length slot diffusers, they fit in perfectly to the modern interior!

Service Work – Double Bay

Service Work – Double Bay September 2020 We’re onsite at a service call to a Daikin VRV system. Condensers are close to the salt water and have rusted through. Our customer is looking to replace. However, we do have a solution to get further life from these, until replacements can be ordered in. We have […]

Mitsubishi Electric VRF Installation – Manly

Mitsubishi Electric VRF Installation – Manly December 2019 At another high end residential project today! Linear bars grilles now installed and some the fine artwork standing by. We are getting ready to test the airflow pressure of the 3x 7.1kw Mitsubishi Electric VRF units hiding in the new curved bulkhead.

Crane Lift – Manly Project

Crane Lift – Manly Project November 2019 One of our high end residential installs. One very large crane lifts in our new Mitsubishi Electric VRF condenser to its new home. A rooftop plant room with a very neat view of Manly beach. One lucky condenser unit!

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