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We use specialised knowledge of bespoke air conditioning systems to work with premium builders and architects to seamlessly integrate systems into beautiful homes. Our stylish units are custom made and tailored specifically to your home to ensure they blend well with the rest of the room whilst keeping you comfortable all year round. We only use premium materials from the most prestigious suppliers to keep your air running smoothly at all times. 

Premium Materials From Trusted Partners

At Correct Air we don’t settle for anything less than the best. We are partners with trusted suppliers that deliver the highest quality products for you and your home. Our partners allow us to complete your job on time every time, with the finest materials in the industry today. Relax in comfort knowing your system is built to last – its all part of the Correct Air way!

Our Residential Services

Custom Installations

Discover how Correct Air can transform your home with a custom air conditioning solution that will keep you comfortable.


We keep a close eye on your air conditioning system and conduct routine maintenance to ensure it runs smoothly all year round.

Service & Repairs

We service and repair all types of air conditioning units so you can maintain quality airflow throughout your home.

End To End Service

Our centre focus at Correct Air is delivering end to end service to each and every customer, no matter the size of the job – it is engrained in our culture. We know the importance of completing projects on time and under budget, which is why we are with you from the beginning, right until the very end. Our tailored service puts you and your job first, leaving you beyond satisfied with the final result.

Peer Review

It can be hard to find someone who takes the initial stages of a project seriously. At Correct Air, we know this is the crucial stage which allows us to determine the action and design plan to be followed for the entire project. We thoroughly review your site leaving no stone unturned to ensure we don't have to face any surprises later in the project.


Collaborating with architects and builders when necessary, we will design you a custom solution that matches your needs perfectly. Having a large range of products from leading suppliers allows for comfortable, aesthetically pleasing environments which will last a life time. We are extremely proud of our design process, which will be easily accessible to you in CAD and PDF files.


We have a no fuss custom installation process which will keep your project under budget and delivered on time. Only dealing with top suppliers means you receive the best parts available which are built to withstand years of use. Difficult to reach location? No worries, we can arrange a crane or helicopter to help us out!

Quality Assurance

Testing is always part of the plan and never an afterthought for Correct Air. Without proper testing, servicing and repair work will really sting! That's why we test everything: from refrigerant to condenser drains, we make sure all bases are covered.


It's one thing to test every component of a HVAC solution, however we ensure that the entire system is integrated and functions smoothly together. Once commissioned, you will have complete documentation that covers your entire system.

Trackable Maintenance

Every system must be maintained appropriately through routine servicing to ensure it lasts for years to come. We offer all of our customers trackable servicing which allows you to see if any preventative action should be taken to keep your system running smoothly.

Designed To Compliment Your Home

Effective and elegant is the core criteria of Correct Air home installations. Our air conditioning systems not only provide you with the absolute cleanest air, but deliver a sleek, contemporary look to your living space. We collaborate with local architects to integrate air conditioning systems seamlessly into all living spaces. Now you can enjoy your home all year round while maintaining the aesthetic you desire. View our range of custom air conditioning options and be sure to find the perfect fit for each and every living space.

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Our installations are of the highest quality in both performance and finishing, custom designed to suit all living spaces. View our gallery to discover how  a custom air conditioning system fitted by Correct Air will transform your living space. 

Office Installation - Transform your Home Office

Don’t be distracted by the weather in your home office. Work in your desired temperature all year round with a slot diffuser that fits seamlessly into any office space. Take a look behind the scenes at our Correct Air office installation training project.

Our Residential Projects

We have been servicing Sydney’s suburbs for over 10 years providing families with air conditioning systems that last a lifetime. Our work is second to none; you will be cool and comfortable all year round. See for yourself by viewing our recent projects. 

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Whether you are after a no obligation quote or want to learn more about our residential installation process, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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Whether you are after a no obligation quote or want to learn more about our services, don't hesitate to contact us today!